Customer Satisfaction

Holy Homes takes pride in our customer's satisfaction. We have a satisfaction guarantee policy where we do not accept payment until your satisfaction has been met. We ensure everyone's safety by being fully insured with Workers' Compensation


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. This is who Holy Homes Cleaning Service is 100%. You expect more and we give you more with integrity.


There are cleaning companies who offer a low cost cleaning. They leave behind dirt, grime, and give you excuses as to why they could not complete the cleaning. Holy Homes offers a quality cleaning with a fair price. You will not be disappointed, felt cheated, or felt like you've been taken advantage of. We DO NOT accept payment until your satisfaction has been met.

Since 2021

Providing quality service with professionalism and trust throughout Wake County and all surrounding areas.

Holy Homes can show you why our company is unique should you feel ready to move forward with us. We build rapport by being on time, respecting your home and family, doing a quality job, and asking you to inspect our work after each cleaning without hesitation. There is no better way to prove ourselves but to show you the way our work ethics shine.

How we work

Holy Homes can complete your cleaning with eco-friendly products or we can clean your home with traditional products. We only use name brand products. Please call Esther for a list of products we use. We also steam clean stone floor, laminate floors, and shower floors.

Our customers know exactly what products we will be using before we arrive. The product use will be discussed during the initial quote.

Your safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

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We value your trust as well as your business and we would never take that for granted. We'd love to hear from you! Call us any time to get started today!


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