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Deep Cleaning

Holy Homes Cleaning Service performs the best deep cleaning you may ever witness. Although many companies may offer the same competitive service, our deep cleaning entails every inch your eyes can see. We strive to make our customers feel satisfied with our cleaning performance. From the cracks and crevices of your washing machine, the top of your refrigerator, the small floor space behind your toilet, and all the other detailed places you’d never think to look is where we will be focused on along with all the places your eyes can see. Deep cleaning also includes making the beds. We offer a wide range of traditional cleaning products (Pledge, Lysol, Clorox, Murphy’s Soap) to the most eco-friendly products (Norwex products). The products of your choice will be discussed during the initial quote along with our affordable rates for a deep cleaning service.

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General Cleaning

Holy Homes also performs the best general clean you have ever witnessed. Our general clean includes floors, deep cleaning of all bathrooms, light dusting, and wiping down all kitchen countertops and sinks. You, as the customer, have the choice of either traditional products or eco-friendly products (Norwex products; premium microfiber and sustainable cleaning products).

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Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Holy Homes offers an array of cleaning times for us to come by and make your castle shine. After your first initial deep cleaning, we offer an affordable biweekly clean to come by and touch up on what you just couldn’t get to or what you don’t have time for. Biweekly cleanings are a way to make sure your deep cleaning really stands out. Our biweekly cleanings are much more affordable than you would think and the average time for a biweekly cleaning takes as little as three (3) hours for an average home. A biweekly cleaning includes, but not limited to cleaning all floors, light dusting, deep clean all bathrooms, make beds, wipe down all countertops and sinks, and spot clean any places on the walls you may have.

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Monthly Cleaning

Monthly cleanings are well worth the cost. Monthly cleanings are a mixture of a general cleaning and deep cleaning combined. We perform light dusting as well as polish where you may need polish, deep cleaning all the bathrooms in your home, wipe down all appliances countertops, sinks, and ceiling fans, sweep and mop floors, vacuum, and wipe down doors. Monthly cleanings is always suggested should you not want someone coming by twice a month.

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Gutter Cleaning

Holy Homes also cleans your gutters. Our gutter technician has been cleaning gutters for over 10 years and is experienced on those steep roofs. After cleaning the debris from your gutters, we bag the debris and take it with us. We also blow your driveway and sidewalks on the way out. We always suggest you wash your exterior windows with every gutter clean.

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning (interior) is always included with a deep cleaning of your home. Holy Homes also cleans exterior windows as well. Exterior window cleaning is a set rate of $13 per window. We certainly recommend exterior window cleaning at least once a year.

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Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning could not only be a house. Residential cleaning is wherever you live. You could live in an apartment, townhouse, duplex, retirement home, or a studio. Wherever you may need a cleaning with care, Holy Homes will certainly be willing to accommodate.

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Commercial Cleaning

Holy Homes commercial cleaning goes beyond the best. From healthcare cleaning to office cleaning, we have the team and the experience to handle what our customers need. Our quality of work and knowledge in products needed to complete a super clean is what every business owner could ever need. Your schedule is what we revolve around. Holy Homes is here when you need us.

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Maid Service

Many people are confused what the difference is between a maid service and a cleaning service. A maid service is expected to keep the house clean on a daily basis. A cleaning service takes care of the tedious but necessary tasks such as disinfecting, dusting, and cleaning floors. Holy Homes offers maid services at a very affordable rate.

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Home Organization?

Home organization is sincerely our favorite part of the job. This is when we find the shoe that’s been missing for a month and you finally are able to actually count all the pots and pans you actually have. Cleaning the clutter and organization is the best way to start a deep clean. Holy Homes can incorporate home organization, tile and grout cleaning, and a deep clean if you would like. Please give us a call when you decide to move forward.

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Holy Homes can definitely take care of all your laundry. Laundry can be incorporated with a deep cleaning, or we can always come by and complete your laundry as needed. We fold your towels, washcloths, bed linens, and undergarments. We wash delicates and hang them out to dry, iron, and put your laundry wherever you desire. We can also take your garments to the drycleaners and drop them back off upon completion.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is extremely important when we are performing a deep cleaning. The rate for cleaning tile and grout is the same rate as a deep cleaning. Holy Homes can definitely come out to clean tile and gout only. We us a grout brush along with the safe product of 20 Team Borax. To deep clean the tile and grout in a shower can take up to two hours depending on the size of the bathroom.

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